Amanda Graystone
Name Amanda Graystone
Actor Paula Malcomson
Other Actor Kassandra Kingsborough (Young Amanda)
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Doctor - Plastic Surgeon
Status Living
Family Daniel Graystone, husband
Zoe Graystone, daughter
Darius, brother
Caesar, companion animal

Amanda Graystone is the wife of industrialist Daniel Graystone, the mother of Zoe Graystone, and a renowned surgeon who works at Caprica General Hospital.

Daniel Amanda Publicity Still

Drs. Daniel and Amanda Graystone

101 Graystone Mansion

The Graystone Mansion in the Lake District near Caprica City


Amanda has a substance dependency. She mixes pills with Scorpion Ambrosia. She smokes purple with Clarice Willow at the Dive.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Amanda is a skilled plastic surgeon. She is also a photographer. ("Pilot") ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Early LifeEdit

Amanda had a brother named Darius, who was killed in a car crash. Three years after his death, Amanda started losing her grip on reality and was admitted into the mental health hospital, Delphi Convalescent Institute. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Amanda married Daniel Graystone in 22YR. (1) He is the industrialist who would later pioneer the first Cybernetic Life Form Node. They have one child, Zoe Graystone. ("End of the Line") ("Pilot")


Amanda's relationship with her daughter Zoe is strained and often unpleasant. Zoe has a harsh view of her parents' scientific professions. She is rude, angry, and defiant with them. Amanda thinks Zoe is an ungrateful teenager who does not appreciate the advantages they have given her.

In a particularly heated argument that occurs after Zoe was caught using the holoband at the Athena Academy, Zoe accuses her mother of marrying into money. In a flash of anger, Amanda slaps Zoe. Immediately regretful, Amanda says she did not mean it. Daniel assures her that Zoe knows she did not. ("Pilot")


Zoe abandons her family for a new one, waiting for her and her boyfriend, Ben Stark, at a safe house on Gemenon. They take the MAGLEV to the spaceport. On the way, Zoe sends a letter via e-sheet to Amanda, forgiving her. Immediately afterwards, Ben reveals bombs strapped to his chest. In the name of the One True God, Ben detonates the bombs, destroying Train 23 and killing hundreds of people. The message is prevented from being delivered in the aftermath of the attack. It is eventually brought to Amanda by GDD Agent Jordan Duram. Duram believes it is a goodbye message. Duram says he believes Zoe was affiliated with the terrorists and may have been one of the bombers. Amanda is disturbed by this news and tells Duram to get out. ("Pilot")

101 Amanda Daniel Breakfast

Daniel brings breakfast to Amanda in an effort to cheer her up

Amanda is in deep mourning over the death of her daughter. She spends a great deal of time alone at home watching home movies of Zoe. Agent Duram keeps trying to speak with Amanda about what she might know about Zoe's connections to the Soldiers of the One. She refuses his efforts to search their home on the basis that Daniel does defense work on the premises. ("Rebirth")


103 Natalie Stark

Natalie Stark returns Zoe's belongings to Amanda.

Exactly one month after the bombing, Amanda encounters Natalie Stark (Ben's mother) at a memorial service for the victims. Natalie returns Zoe's belongings, which she found in Ben's room. Driven to despair over the realization that her daughter had a boyfriend she knew nothing about, as well as the golden infinity symbol among her daughter's possessions, Amanda confesses to the crowd that Zoe may have caused the bombing. She says her daughter was a terrorist and apologizes to the furious crowd.

When Amanda held up Zoe's infinity pin (an STO symbol) to the crowd at the memorial, this provides the evidence the GDD needs to permit a search of Zoe's property. Duram uses the hostility towards the Graystones to cut through the political red-tape to expedite a search order to gain entry to the lockers at the Athena Academy and to the Graystone residence. The school's lockers and Zoe's room are ransacked. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")


In the fallout following her announcement, Amanda resigns her position at the hospital. With public opinion backlashing against the Graystones, Amanda's opinion of her daughter oscillates as she moves from a grieving and bewildered mother to the defender of her family's name.

Hoping to salvage the Graystone name, Daniel books an appearance on Baxter Sarno's show. As Daniel bungles the interview, Amanda arrives and declares that her husband is doing it wrong. She joins her husband on stage where she says that Sarno, Caprica, and the media have it wrong. Amanda's heartfelt defense of her daughter, along with Daniel's willingness to appease the public, turns an otherwise disastrous interview into a public relations success. When Sam Adama (posing as Sarno's driver) escorts Amanda Graystone home that night, he makes it perfectly clear that although the Graystones may be on the cusp of swinging public opinion back in their direction, there are plenty of people ready to hold Amanda and Daniel responsible for the train bombing deaths. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Gravedancing")

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1. "Gray Matters." Caprica: Season 1.0, created by Ronald D. Moore and Remi Aubuchon, special feature, Eric Stoltz's commentary, Syfy, 2010, disc two.