Atlas Arena
Atlas Arena
Located in Caprica City
Debut "Pilot"
Significance Pyramid Stadium
Characters Daniel Graystone
Amanda Graystone
Joseph Adama
William Adama
Cyrus Xander
Tomas Vergis
Bodyguard Sean
Steve Bahara
Abasi Lowe
Rod Jenkins
Anthem Singer
Olaf Willow
Caprica Police
STO Martyr No. 1
STO Martyr No. 2
STO Martyr No. 3
Scruffy Dude
Atlas Arena is the home field of the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team. The arena was named for Atlas, one of the Lords of Kobol. Giant statues of Atlas stand at each end of the arena.

Daniel Graystone, owner of the Buccaneers, has a private box and courtside seats. Steve Bahara and Abasi Lowe are the sports commentators at the Buccaneers games. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth")

Daniel brings Joseph and William Adama to a pyramid game several weeks after the MAGLEV bombing. He introduces the Adamas to Rod Jenkins, the star player of the team. ("Pilot")

Daniel and Amanda Graystone attend opening ceremonies for a C-Bucs game, but Amanda leaves after the Caprican National Anthem. It has been only one month since the MAGLEV bombing and it is too soon for Amanda to enjoy a public event. ("Rebirth")

Atlas Arena is the site of an attempted terrorist bombing instigated by the monotheist terrorist group, Soldiers of the One. Clarice Willow and her husbands, Nestor and Olaf Willow, are the masterminds behind this plot. It is the day of the Caprica Buccaneers versus the Delphi Legion game. Daniel and Amanda Graystone subdue the television camerman, then thwart that attempt by deploying military planes with U-87 robots to descend onto the playing field. The robots eliminate every STO martyr with only minimal damage to the arena. ("Apotheosis")

Virtual WorldEdit

There is a version of Atlas Arena in New Cap City. Several gamers take their revenge on Zoe for their loved ones lost in the MAGLEV bombing. Then Zoe and Tamara engage in combat to the cheers of the crowd. ("Things We Lock Away")

Additional ImagesEdit

  • A statue of Atlas overlooks the stadium.
  • Abasi Lowe and Steve Bahara are the commentators for Buccaneers games.
  • The Caprican national anthem is sung before tip off at the game.
  • Sal is the television cameraman at the arena.
  • Lobby
  • Atlas Arena is the home field of the Caprica Buccaneers.
  • Atlas Arena is destroyed in a virtual reality STO demo.
  • Game day excitement on the streets outside of the arena
  • Daniel Graystone deploys Cylons to Atlas Arena to stop the STO terrorist attack.

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