Backtalk with Baxter Sarno
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Talk Show


Baxter Sarno, host
Comic, performer
Stage Manager, crew
Crew Member, crew
Makeup Artist, crew
Daniel Graystone, guest
Amanda Graystone, guest
Tomas Vergis, guest
Cyrus Xander
Priyah Magnus
Sam Adama
Bodyguard Sean

Backtalk with Baxter Sarno is a late-night television program starring host, Baxter Sarno. He delivers a monologue, in which he jokes about current events. Later he interviews guests. Over half of college-aged viewers claim they get their news from Sarno. ("Reins of a Waterfall").

At the urging of Cyrus Xander and Graystone Industries' public relations manager, Priyah Magnus, Daniel Graystone appears on Backtalk in an effort to promote a good public relations image for Graystone Industries after his wife revealed that their daughter was the terrorist who blew up the MAGLEV train. He is not doing well until his wife, Amanda, unexpectedly joins him onstage. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")

Citizens all across Caprica City watch the Graystone interview.

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The Global Defense Department

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The Ha'la'tha


In the DVD commentary, Ronald D. Moore says Backtalk is modeled after the The Dick Cavett Show. (1)


1. "Reins of a Waterfall." Caprica: Season 1.0, created by Ronald D. Moore and Remi Aubuchon, commentary by Ronald D. Moore, episode 103, Syfy, 2010, disc two, 28:55-29:34.