Barnabas Greeley
106 Barnabas
Name Barnabas Greeley
Actor James Marsters
Debut "Know Thy Enemy"
Origin Caprica
Profession STO Cell Leader
Status Deceased

Barnabas Greeley is a monotheist and the leader of a radical faction of the Soldiers of the One.

He was aware of the MAGLEV bombing before it occurred and possibly helped plan the act.

His nemesis is Clarice Willow. They each lead an STO cell. Whereas Clarice tries to keep a low profile on Caprica, Barnabas believes in bold actions like bombings. He says that is what the church leaders want. Clarice accuses him of trying to build a power base. ("Know Thy Enemy") ("End of the Line") ("Retribution")

Members of Barnabas' cell include some of Clarice's students: former students Pann and Hippolyta, and current students, Lacy Rand and Keon Gatwick. ("Retribution") ("End of the Line")

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