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Ben Stark
Name Ben Stark
Actor Avan Jogia
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Student

STO Terrorist

Status Deceased
Ben Stark is a character portrayed by Avan Jogia.

Life and Death On CapricaEdit

Ben lived with his mother in Caprica City, where he attended the Athena Academy with his girlfriend Zoe Graystone and friend Lacy Rand. Displeased with the apathetic cabal of deities ruling over Caprica, Ben became a disciple of the One True God. Introduced to the concept by Clarice Willow, he was subsequently recruited to the militant, monotheistic terrorist cult Soldiers of the One. Ben acted as a spokesperson of sorts to his fellow classmates, recruiting Zoe and Lacy in turn.

Ben took it upon himself to initiate an act of terrorism on behalf of the STO. On the day that he, Zoe, and Lacy were bound for Gemenon, they went to the Caprica City MAGLEV station. Lacy changed her mind, deciding to stay, while Zoe and Ben pushed on. Aboard the train, a sweaty and apprehensive Ben apologized to Zoe, saying that it's God's will. He detonated the bomb strapped to his chest, crying aloud that the one true God shall drive out the many.

Sometime before Ben's suicide bombing of Train 23, he was picked up by the GDD for breaking curfew. In his possession were items that could be used to build a bomb. Ben claimed they were for building model rockets. Released with a warning, the incident report was misfiled after Agent Youngblood misspelt his name as 'Ben Starke.' The issue is rediscovered by Gara Singh, who replays the taped encounter for Agent Jordan Duram. Singh insists that Duram needs to be better, as they had their chance at Stark and wasted it. After destroying the tape, Duram seizes the opportunity to obtain a warrant to search Zoe's possessions, known to be a close associate and mistakenly suspected of being the bomber.

Due to the lack of evidence to the contrary, and Amanda Graystone's public confession, Zoe Graystone has been widely acknowledged as the bomber of Maglev Train 23, rather than one of the victims. Ironically, since her death, Zoe's belongings and classmates have been heavily scrutinized while any real investigation into Ben has effectively ceased.

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