Image Required
Name Brewer
Actor Luke Camilleri
Debut "Unvanquished"
Origin Virtual World
Profession Gamer
Status Living
Owner Unknown

Brewer is a gamer in New Cap City. He and his gang challenge Zoe to a duel. They know she is a deadwalker and cannot be killed, but they try to kill her anyway. Zoe kills them one by one and finally confronts Brewer. He wears Tamara Adama's T-Flower symbol on his forehead. He knows she cannot die, but wants to inflict pain. She immobilizes him with her newfound powers in V-World. She asks him where the other deadwalker (Tamara) is, then kills him.


The rules of New Cap City state that if you die in the game, you are barred from the game permanently. Brewer de-rezes in New Cap City when Zoe kills him, but his avatar is still living in the rest of V-World.

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