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Caprica was settled by the Capricorn tribe of Kobol. Its capital is Caprica City.


The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Caprica is in the third orbit around the Helios Alpha star in that system. It shares its orbit with the planet Gemenon. They revolve around their common barycenter, or center-of-gravity, with an orbital period of 28.2 days. The distance between Caprica and Gemenon is 493,000 kilometers. [citation needed]


Graystone Industries headquarters is located in Caprica City. The technology firm specializes in commercial and military grade technology, including the U-87 robot called a Cylon. The holobands and Virtual World are some of their well-known and most popular products, holobands accounting for sixty percent of their sales. ("Pilot") ("Gravedancing")

MicroCap is a technology firm that produces holobands. ("There is Another Sky")


Apollo University is located in Caprica City. It is the alma mater of the CEO of Graystone Industries, Daniel Graystone. Graystone donated one billion cubits to the alumni fund resulting in the naming of the new Computer Sciences building after his daughter, Zoe Graystone. ("Pilot")

Qualai University is located in the Caprican city of Qualai. They have degree programs in many fields including Mathematics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Physics. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Athena Academy is located in Caprica City. It is a private, religious secondary school. The academy is named for their patroness, the goddess Athena. Although officially polytheistic, the school is open to all forms of worship, including the belief in a singular god. ("Pilot")


Capa is a nickname for, or a possible slur against, Capricans. ("Dirteaters")

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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