Astrological Clock Venice

Astrological Clock, Venice [1]

Capricorn is the ancient name for one of the thirteen tribes of the planet Kobol in the Battlestar Galactica universe. In astrology, it is the tenth sign of the zodiac, represented by the Goat.

The TribeEdit

The Twelve Colonies were founded by tribes from Kobol, the birthplace of humanity. Two thousand years prior to the present (42YR), a disaster of an unknown nature forced the tribes to abandon their home. They journeyed to the Cyrannus Star System, located two thousand light years away from Kobol. The Capricorn Tribe settled a planet which became the Colony of Caprica.


In astrology, Capricornus or Capricorn (Latin: “Goat-horned”), is called the Goat. It is the tenth sign of the zodiac, governing the period from about December 22 to about January 19.

One explanation of the fishtail, with which the goat is often represented, is found in the ancient Greek story of Pan, who, to avoid the monster Typhon, jumped into the water just as he was changing into animal shape. The half above water assumed the shape of a goat while the lower half, the tail, assumed the shape of a fish. [2]



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