105 Chiron
Name Chiron
Actor A C Peterson
Debut "There is Another Sky"
Origin Caprica
Profession Gamer
Status Living
Owner Unknown

Chiron (nicknamed "The Horse") is a very successful player of New Cap City. His favorite hangout is a nightclub on the Lower East Side. He holds court in the back, flirting with pretty young women and a handsome young man.

Heracles uses a device to capture a copy of Chiron's avatar. Heracles and Tamara Adama disappear to the astonishment of Chiron and everyone at the club. After Heracles and Tamara use the stolen avatar to access Chiron's in-game bank account, the two return to see Vesta, who had taken over Chiron's club. ("There is Another Sky")

It is unknown what happened to Chiron, but it is implied that he was dethroned.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Chiron's nickname is "The Horse." This is a reference to the centaur in Greek Mythology. Centaurs are creatures which are half-human and half-horse.


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