Clarice Willow
104 Clarice Street
Name Clarice Willow
Actor Polly Walker
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Sagittaron
Profession Headmistress
Leader of all Caprican STO cells
Status Living
Family Mar-Beth, wife
Helena, wife
Desiree Willow, wife
Nestor, husband
Tanner, husband
Olaf, husband
Rashawn, husband
Clarice Willow is a high priestess of Athena and the headmistress of the Athena Academy. She is also a member (evidently in a position of leadership) of the monotheistic group known as the Soldiers of the One. She was born on Sagittaron. ("Pilot")

Willow is involved in a polygamous marriage with at least four husbands and three wives. She adopted the last name of her wife, Desiree Willow. ("Rebirth")

By 47YR, she is the Minister of a Virtual World Monotheist Church for Cylons. ("Apotheosis")

Cultural ReferencesEdit


102 Marbeth Clarice Tanner

Mar-Beth and Tanner comfort Clarice

118 Clarice Virtual Church

Clarice preaches in the Virtual Church.