Cyrus Xander
Cyrus Xander
Name Cyrus Xander
Actor Hiro Kanagawa
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Executive Assistant to the CEO
Chief of Staff
Status Living

Dr. Cyrus Xander works closely with Daniel Graystone at Graystone Industries as his Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant. He is a doctor in the field of robotics. ("Pilot") ("Unvanquished")

Cyrus is often evasive and unreachable whenever there is bad news to deliver to Daniel. ("There Is Another Sky") He sometimes acts as a voice of reason in response to Daniel's erratic behavior, such as when Cyrus finds out about Daniel's connections to the Ha'la'tha, which stole Tomas Vergis' MCP resulting in the deaths of two men. ("Know Thy Enemy")

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