Daniel Graystone
Name Daniel Graystone
Actor Eric Stoltz
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Business Magnate and Inventor
Status Living
Family Amanda Graystone, wife
Zoe Graystone, daughter
Darius, brother-in-law
Phoebus, mother
Caesar, companion animal
Daniel Graystone is the CEO and founder of Graystone Industries, the husband of Amanda Graystone, and the father of Zoe Graystone.


Early LifeEdit

Daniel was born on Caprica to his mother, Phoebus. He received a PhD from Apollo University.[1] He married plastic surgeon, Amanda Graystone, in 22YR. (2) In 26YR, their daughter, Zoe, was born. ("Unvanquished") ("Pilot")

He owns the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid franchise. He plays piano. ("Pilot")

Daniel made his name and fortune as the creator of the holoband and the Virtual World. His most lasting impact on Colonial society is the creation of the cylons. ("There is Another Sky") ("Pilot") ("Apotheosis")

Season OneEdit

Daniel Amanda Publicity Still

Drs. Daniel and Amanda Graystone

101 Graystone Mansion

The Graystone Mansion in the Lake District near Caprica City

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Behind the ScenesEdit


  • It has been suggested that the Cylon Model 7 (Daniel), was based on him. However, this theory is based solely on their shared name and contradicts statements by series creators that the humanoid cylon models are not in fact based on specific humans.

Cultural ReferencesEdit


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