110 Diego
Name Diego
Actor Ryan Robbins
Debut "Unvanquished"
Origin Unknown
Profession STO Instructor
Status Deceased

Diego is a monotheist and a soldier for the Soldiers of the One.  He teaches cadets at the STO training camp on Gemenon.

When Obal Ferras plans to have Clarice Willow killed (to stop her from gaining support for her Virtual Heaven program), Diego helps Clarice turn the tables on Obal. Diego and the Conclave kill Obal instead. ("Unvanquished")

Diego picks up Lacy Rand and Odin Sinclair from the Gemenon spaceport to take them to the STO training camp. He is part of a secret STO initial placement exercise. He tells the cadets they needed to find out how they would function under stress - who would crumble and who would step up. No one was actually killed. The deaths were faked and dummies were jettisoned into space. ("Blowback")

He asks Lacy how she has the ability to command the U-87 robots when she does not have command authorization. Lacy does not know. ("The Heavens Will Rise") Because of this, he is part of a plot to kill Lacy, but Devanna kills him instead in a counter attack. ("Here Be Dragons")

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