E-Sheet 2

An E-sheet (computer sheet) appears to be a piece of paper, but it has a digital interface which is touch-sensitive, and is networked. Users are capable of sending electronic communications with their e-sheets. ("Pilot")

An e-sheet has other uses. It can be used to access V-World via a password. An e-sheet can also be used to watch an online video. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth")


Zoe watches Amanda's announcement at the MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Event on an e-sheet. ("Rebirth")

Zoe Graystone sends an email to her mother via e-sheet just before Train 23 is destroyed. ("Pilot")

Sister Clarice Willow steals an e-sheet from a person on the street, allowing her to compose an email anonymously. This suggests that emails track back to individual e-sheets, and from there, their owners. ("Gravedancing")