Eros Day
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Amanda Graystone
Daniel Graystone
Clarice Willow
Lacy Rand
Keon Gatwick
Soldier at Roadblock

Eros Day is a holiday celebrating romantic love. Amanda Graystone receives an Eros Day card from her husband, Daniel. ("End of the Line")

In the NewsEdit

STO Car BombingEdit

Barnabas manipulates Lacy Rand to unwittingly plant a bomb in Clarice Willow's car. Later that evening, Clarice and Nestor are driving to Trojan Spaceport where Clarice will take a jump ship to Gemenon. While they are stuck in traffic, Clarice spots Amanda Graystone on the Pantheon Bridge ready to jump. Clarice gets out of the car.

When Lacy discovers Barnabas' deception, she realizes Barnabas and Keon Gatwick used her. Barnabas forces Lacy to set off the bomb. If she does not, he will kill either her or Keon. Lacy makes the agonizing choice to trigger the bomb. The car explodes, but Clarice snd Nestor survive. ("End of the Line")

Amanda Graystone IncidentEdit

Overcome with depression over the grief of her daughter's death, remembering her brother's death and discovering her husband stole technology which resulted in the deaths of two men, Amanda decides to end her life and jumps off of Pantheon Bridge. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy") ("The Imperfections of Memory") ("End of the Line")

U-87 Escapes Graystone LabEdit

Fearing her program will be erased and desperate to get to Gemenon, Zoe tries to enlist Philo to help her escape the lab. When he realizes the woman he has been dating in the V-World is actually in the U-87, he freaks out and sets off the alarm. In anger, she kills him. She steals a company van and escapes the lab. The Caprican military is dispatched to stop her, but not to destroy the U-87 since it is the prototype for Graystone Industries' military defense contract. Zoe drives through the military roadblock and the van flips and crashes. ("Know Thy Enemy") ("End of the Line")


Eros Day is analogous to Valentine's Day.

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