False Labor
Episode Season 01, Number 13
113 Sam Cylon
Title "False Labor"
Airdate October 26, 2010
Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by John Dahl
Previous "Things We Lock Away"
Next "Blowback"
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About Edit

False Labor was the thirteenth episode of the first season of Caprica and the thirteenth produced hour of the series. It first aired on the SyFy Channel on October 26, 2010.

113 Mar-Beth Gives Birth

Mar-Beth gives birth at home

Political trouble on Tauron causes Sam Adama to put his own life in danger. Amanda Graystone infiltrates Clarice Willow's family for Agent Duram. (1)

Summary Edit



  • Patton Oswalt was not credited for his voice-over in this episode.


1. "False Labor." Caprica: Season 1.5, created by Ronald D. Moore and Remi Aubuchon, episode summary, episode 113, Syfy, 2010, disc two.

Caprica Season 1
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Eric Stoltz as Daniel Graystone Esai Morales as Joseph Adama Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone Alessandra Torresani as Zoe Graystone Magda Apanowicz as Lacy Rand Polly Walker as Clarice Willow Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama Brian Markinson as Jordan Duram
Guest Starring
Jorge Montesi as Guatrau Ben Cotton as Atreus
Sina Najafi as William Adama Hiro Kanagawa as Cyrus Xander Karen Elizabeth Austin as Ruth Phil Granger as Tanner Anita Torrance as Mar-Beth Panou as Olaf Teryl Rothery as Evelyn Julius Chapple as Larry Vincent Tong as Demos Camille Atebe as Phoebe Christopher Rogan as Military Father Tanya Hubbard as Military Mother Taya Clyne as Tessa Evan Bird as Johnny Phillip Mitchell as Natty Thug Michael Nyuis as Kiss-Ass Thug

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