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The planetary symbols in the puzzle

Twelve planets in the Cyrannus Star System were settled by the Twelve Colonies. The colonies were the Twelve Tribes which left the planet Kobol in another star system, following a disaster whose exact nature is unclear.[1]


Aerilon is a large, agricultural planet that is the breadbasket for the colonies. Wheat is one of their crops. ("Reins of a Waterfall") It was settled by the Aries Tribe, one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol.


Aquaria was settled by the Aquarius Tribe from the planet Kobol.

Aerilon Edit

Aquarion Edit

Canceron Edit


Main article: Caprica (planet)

Caprica is a planet settled by the Capricorn tribe of Kobol. Its capital city is Caprica City. Caprica is the most prosperous of the Twelve Colonies.


The Cancer Tribe of Kobol colonized Canceron.

Gemenon Edit

The Gemini tribe from the planet Kobol colonized this planet.

Gemenon is the planet for which Ben Stark, Lacy Rand and Zoe Graystone were departing to begin a new life with the Monotheists. ("Pilot")

Gemenon is the holy birthplace of monotheism.  The Reverend Holy Mother lives here at a place called the Retreat. ("Blowback") The STO has a training camp located on this moon. The Conclave meets here. ("Unvanquished")

The Monotheistic Church is positioned between two warring factions - the polytheistic rebels on the east and the Hephaestons on the other side. It is a big stalemate. ("Unvanquished")


The Leo Tribe of Kobol colonized Leonis.

Obolus Inc. is a Leonis corporation with holdings across the Twelve Colonies. It is the shell company belonging to Caprica's Guatrau. In 42YR the Caprica Securities Service dropped two investigations of the company dealing with allegations of insider trading. ("Dirteaters")

Obolus Recent Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Company Status:

  • Nex elecom - Liquidated
  • Edincords - Bankrupt
  • Tecustar - Insolvent
  • Serveti - Receivership
  • Tampanoy - Bankrupt

Their CEOs are deceased. ("Dirteaters")

Leonis Edit

Libran Edit

The Libra Tribe of Kobol colonized Libran.

The seat of the Intercolonial Court is located on Libran, which is in the Themis Standard Time Zone. This colony is the location of an important library, The Grand Library of Libran. ("Know Thy Enemy")

The Global Defense Department busted a porn ring here in 41YR. ("Blowback")


The Pisces Tribe of Kobol colonized this planet.

Sagittaron Edit

The Sagittarius Tribe of Kobol colonized this planet.

Scorpia Edit

The Scorpio Tribe of Kobol colonized this planet.

After-hours trading occurs on this planet. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Scorpion Marsh Genuine Ambrosia is a rare liquor in the Twelve Worlds. There may only be 11 bottles in existence. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Tauron Edit

Main article: Tauron (Planet)

The planet which is the homeworld of the Adama family and others living on Caprica. Taurons apparently have a reputation for being criminals, similar to the manner in which Italians are stereotyped as being members of the mafia. There are no flowers on Tauron. The Taurus Tribe from Kobol colonized this world.

Joseph Adama adopted Adams as his last name, a "Capricanized" version of his Tauron name, to assimilate into Caprican society. He later decides to revert to Adama and let it be known he is Tauron.


Virgon was colonized by the Virgo Tribe from the planet Kobol.

Virgon Edit

References Edit

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