105 Solving the Puzzle

The planetary symbols in the puzzle

There are twelve planets in the star system of the Twelve Colonies. They were settled by twelve tribes who left the planet Kobol in another star system following a disaster whose exact nature is unclear.

Aerilon Edit

Aquarion Edit

Canceron Edit


Main article: Caprica (planet)

The planet on which most of the action occurs. Caprica is the most prosperous of the Twelve Colonies.

Gemenon Edit

The planet for which Ben Stark, Lacy Rand and Zoe Graystone were supposedly departing.

Leonis Edit

Libran Edit

The seat of the Intercolonial Court.

Sagittaron Edit

Scorpia Edit

After-hours trading occurs on this planet.

Tauron Edit

Main article: Tauron (Planet)

The planet which is the homeworld of the Adama family and others living on Caprica. Taurons apparently have a reputation for being criminals, similar to the manner in which Italians are stereotyped as being members of the mafia. Joseph Adama was introduced as Joseph Adams which was a "Capricanized" version of his Tauron name. He later began to go by Adama and let it be known he was Tauron.

There are no flowers on Tauron.

Virgon Edit

Picon Edit

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