Global Defense Department
103 GDD
Located in Caprica City
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Significance Law Enforcement Agency
Characters Agent Jordan Duram
Agent Youngblood
Gara Singh, Director
Agent Alpert
GDD Receptionist
GDD Agent (No. 1)
GDD Agent (No. 2)

The Global Defense Department, or GDD, is Caprica's highest level law enforcement and intelligence organization. Gara Singh is the director. Agent Jordan Duram and Agent Youngblood are handling the MAGLEV bombing investigation. ("Pilot") ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Soldiers of the One operative Olaf Willow works with a mole in the GDD, but the identity of this contact is unknown to him. ("Retribution")

Behind the ScenesEdit

Filming LocationEdit

The Interiors of the Global Defense Department were filmed at the Crease Clinic Building at the old Riverview Hospital (Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada). (1) It was the Battlestar Galactica filming location for the episode, The Farm (2005). (2)

See also Delphi Convalescent Institute, photo source.


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