Graystone Industries was founded and is headed by Daniel Graystone.

Ha'la'tha ConnectionsEdit

In order to regain control of his company from Tomas Vergis, Daniel makes a deal with the Guatrau for funding to develop the Resurrection Program and "influence" to convince the board to oust Vergis. The Guatrau tells Joseph Adama to represent his interests at Graystone. Joseph begins to object, but the Guatrau tells him this is an honor. Joseph's assistant, Evelyn, joins him at Graystone. ("Unvanquished") ("False Labor")

The Guatrau's shell company, Obolus Inc., purchases Graystone Industries. Daniel hopes that the Guatrau will let him remain in control of the company. However, the Gautrau attends a meeting at which Cyrus Xander demonstrates a proposed commercial for the Resurrection Program. Daniel wants the commercial scrubbed, but the Guatrau overrules him. ("Unvanquished") ("False Labor") ("Dirteaters")

Products and ProjectsEdit


Board MembersEdit


Parent CompanyEdit

Obolus Inc. bought Graystone Industries in a deal between Daniel and the Guatrau. Obolus Inc. is headquartered on Leonis.

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