101 Guatrau
Name Unknown
Actor Jorge Montesi
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Tauron
Profession Crime Boss
Status Deceased
Family Fidelia Fazekas, daughter
Son (name unknown)

The Guatrau is the boss of the Ha'la'tha crime syndicate on Caprica. He has two children - a daughter, Fidelia Fazekas; and a son (name unknown), who died in 41YR. Although his name is never stated, presumably it is Fazekas, since that is his daughter's last name. ("Pilot") ("The Heavens Will Rise") ("Unvanquished")

The Guatrau asks Joseph Adama to deliver a message to Caprica's Minister of Defense, Val Chambers. Chambers has conveniently forgotten how he came to be so important. He is taking action that will cause distress for the Guatrau and many of his colleagues. Joseph delivers the message, but Minister Chambers defiantly rebukes and insults him.

In retribution, the Guatrau sends Sam Adama to Chambers' home in the middle of the night. Sam slits Chamber's throat with two knives and delivers the Guatrau's message not to turn on a friend. Sam stabs Chambers in the chest, killing him. ("Pilot")

The Gautrau paid for Joseph Adama's law school education. ("Pilot")

In order to regain control of his company from Tomas Vergis, Daniel Graystone makes a deal with the Guatrau for funding to develop the Resurrection Program and "influence" to convince the board to oust Vergis. The Guatrau tells Joseph Adama to represent his interests at Graystone. Joseph begins to object, but the Guatrau tells him this is an honor. ("Unvanquished")

The Guatrau's shell company, Obolus Inc., purchases Graystone Industries. Daniel hopes that the Guatrau will let him remain in control of the company. However, the Gautrau attends a meeting at which Cyrus Xander demonstrates a proposed commercial for the Resurrection Program. Daniel wants the commercial scrubbed, but the Guatrau overrules him. ("Unvanquished") ("False Labor") ("Dirteaters")

As Joseph and Sam Adama are about to be promoted in the Ha'la'tha, the Guatrau tells the story of how they met. The Adama brothers had immigrated to Caprica as orphans. Sam tried to pick his pocket. Right then he knew that Sam had the stones to be one of them. The Guatrau noticed Joseph's eyes. He was always calculating something. They are like sons to him. ("Dirteaters")

His daughter, Fidelia, is released from prison. She goes to Graystone Industries to get caught up on the family business. She investigates the books and finds discrepancies about some missing robots. She has discovered Joseph's and Sam's secret operation to funnel robots to the resistance on Tauron. ("The Heavens Will Rise")

She brings this evidence to her father, but he refuses to listen to her. He says the Adama brothers are like sons to him and they would not do this. She tells him she is his actual daughter and he trusts her to tell him what others are afraid to tell him, and what he cannot face himself. She says the Adamas' robot operation to Tauron will be popular and will make him look bad. He tells her to make it quick and painless. ("Here Be Dragons")

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