106 Heracles
Name Heracles
Actor Richard Harmon
Debut "There is Another Sky"
Origin Caprica
Profession Gamer
Status Living
Owner Tad Thorean
Images of Heracles
Heracles is a V-World Avatar who works with Vesta. He controls access to her.

Season OneEdit

Heracles takes Tamara Adama with him to New Cap City to capture points accumulated by Chiron.

He works for Vesta in New Cap City until he is approached by a girl who claims she cannot wake herself up from the game. He takes the girl to Vesta, who offers her a deal: if Tamara helps Vesta in New Cap City, Vesta will help find a way to wake up Tamara in the real world.

105 Chiron's Club Heracles Tamara

Heracles and Tamara plan the heist

Heracles then travels to the game with Tamara in order to "steal" the avatar of another high-ranking gamer named Chiron. Heracles and Tamara find Chiron at a speakeasy, where Tamara distracts him and his guards by posing as a jilted girlfriend while Heracles takes a digital copy of Chiron's avatar. Tamara is shot in the altercation, but Heracles extracts her from the club, and demonstrates his new ability to shift between his own avatar and Chiron's. The two later visit a bank where Chiron keeps a vault, and after dismissing the guards, Heracles instructs Tamara to enter a code which Vesta had discovered inscribed on manhole covers around the city.

Heracles proceeds to collect as much of Chiron's money as possible before the bank alarm sounds and two guards rush into the vault. He is pushed to the ground by Tamara as the guards open fire and Tamara is hit with several rounds before summoning her own will to alter the code of the game, forcibly de-rezzing the guards before collapsing.

After the robbery, Heracles learns that Vesta cannot return Tamara to the real world, and rather intends to continue using her as a pawn in the game. Tamara uses Heracles' weapons to kill everyone in the room except Vesta, then instructs Heracles to return to the real world and tell Joseph Adama that she is trapped in V-World.

Tamara sends him back to the real world to inform her father that she is still in the V-World. He learns that the real Tamara is dead and flees from Joseph. ("There is Another Sky")

Tad ThoreanEdit

105 Tad Thorean

Tad Thorean outside the grocery store where he works.

The owner of the Heracles avatar is Tad Thorean. He works at a grocery store in Little Tauron. Louie is his boss. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

He has low self-esteem. In New Cap City he feels important, like he is something. Tamara encourages him to be something in the real world. ("There is Another Sky")

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