Iris Paluly
Iris Paluly 2
Name Iris Paluly
Portrays Jax
Birthplace Haifa, Israel
Born on July 24, 1967

Iris Paluly portrays Jax, a Ha'la'tha captain who pledges support to Joseph Adama after his son's death.

Paluly is an actress and producer. She played Speaking Delegate Dahlia on Battlestar Galactica (2008-2009). Dahlia was Tauron's representative on the Quorum of Twelve during President Laura Roslin's second administration.

Paluly was born in Haifa, Israel to a Turkish father and a Polish/Israeli mother. Her family moved to Montréal, Canada when she was almost two years old. She started acting in plays at the age of ten and later studied Theatre and Film at Vanier College and Concordia University. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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