Isabelle Adama
115 Isabelle Adama
Name Isabelle Adama
Actor Alison Araya
Debut "Dirteaters"
Origin Tauron
Profession Farmer
Ha'la'tha Resistance Fighter
Status Deceased
Family William Adama Sr., husband
Joseph Adama, son
Sam Adama, son
Shannon Adama, daughter-in-law
Larry, son-in-law
Tamara Adama, granddaughter
Willie Adama, grandson
Evelyn, daughter-in-law
Young Bill Adama, grandson

Isabelle Adama is Joseph's and Sam's mother. She is married to William Adama Sr. She and her husband are members of the Ha'la'tha resistance on Tauron. The Ha'la'tha opposes the Heraclides forces because the Heracs oppress the people and subjugate them with harsh measures.

During a confrontation with the Heraclides police, she and her husband are killed.  Their sons are now orphans. In their hiding place, the brothers pledge their loyalty to each other.

113 William Sr Isabelle Adama

William and Isabelle Adama


See also Tauron Civil War.

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