Jordan Duram
102 Jordan Duram
Name Jordan Duram
Actor Brian Markinson
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession GDD Agent
Status Living

Jordan Duram is an agent for the Global Defense Department, who is investigating a terrorist group known as the Soldiers of the One (STO).

Personal LifeEdit

He has a wife (or domestic partner) and a son. He likes opera and listens to it on the car stereo. He drinks Tauron Red energy drinks. ("Retribution")

He is a devout polytheist, but says he does not let his religion influence his investigation of monotheistic terrorist activities. His partner, Agent Youngblood, and GDD Director, Gara Singh, disagree. ("Retribution")

MAGLEV BombingEdit

At a press conference following the MAGLEV bombing, the Mayor of Caprica City introduces Agent Duram to speak about the STO and their probable involvement in the bombing. He speaks on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Agent Duram visits Amanda Graystone at her office. He asks about her daughter Zoe's behavior. Amanda tells him that she was like any other teenager - rude, defiant, etc. Duram shows Amanda a reconstruction of her "farewell" email and reveals his belief that Zoe was one of the terrorists. This upsets Amanda and she tells him to get out.

Later, he goes to the Athena Academy and interrogates Lacy Rand and Sister Clarice Willow in her office. Duram reveals his belief that Ben Stark was part of the attack, and that both he and Zoe Graystone were part of STO. Clarice reveals nothing about her students' religious beliefs, saying the Academy is open to all forms of worship, including Monotheism. ("Pilot")

The train bombing was actually Ben's suicide bombing in the name of his One True God. Duram only begins to suspect Zoe as a bomber after her mother, Amanda, erroneously assumed that her daughter was involved with the bombing and announced it to the shocked crowd at the MAGLEV Bombing Memorial Service. ("Pilot") ("Rebirth")

STO InvestigationEdit

Clarice WillowEdit


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