Joseph Adama
Name Joseph Adama
Actor Esai Morales
Other Actor Daleal Monjazeb (Child)
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Tauron
Profession Lawyer
Ha'la'tha Member
Status Living
Family Shannon Adama, wife
Tamara Adama, daughter
William Adama son
Evelyn, wife (second)
Young Bill Adama, son
Sam Adama, brother
Larry, brother-in-law
Ruth, mother-in-law
William Adama Sr., father
Isabelle Adama, mother

Joseph Adama (Yoseef, Joe) is a lawyer who represents Ha'la'tha interests in Caprica City.

His wife, Shannon Adama, and daughter, Tamara Adama, were killed in the MAGLEV bombing. He lives in an apartment at 615 Olympic Street, No. 3 in Caprica City with his surviving son, William Adama, and his mother-in-law, Ruth. ("Pilot")


He was born on Tauron. He was a child when his parents were killed in the Tauron Civil War. Afterwards, he and his brother, Sam, immigrated to Caprica. ("Dirteaters")

The most important God in Joseph's home is Jupiter. Jupiter is the guardian of law and the protector of justice and virtue, therefore Joseph the lawyer values order above all. ("Reins of a Waterfall") He prays to Jupiter for help in finding his daughter, Tamara, in New Cap City. ("End of the Line") He prays to Jupiter on the fifth anniversary of his son's (Willie) death. ("Apotheosis")

On CapricaEdit

After he arrived on Caprica, he changed his name to Adams in an attempt to better assimilate into Caprican society. The Guatrau funded Joseph's education in the law. He often helps defend Ha'la'tha agents against criminal charges.

After becoming disillusioned with his encounters with Daniel Graystone, he decides to be true to himself and changes it back to Adama. He tells his son, William, their true name and their true heritage as proud Taurons. ("Pilot")

114 Joseph's Lighter

Joseph's "good luck" lighter


Joseph is inexperienced in V-World. Daniel Graystone introduces Joseph to V-World to prove that a recreated Tamara exists in V-World. ("Pilot") Joseph immediately rejects the Tamara avatar as false and unnatural, but he is crushed when Daniel tells him that Tamara's avatar has disappeared. ("Reins of a Waterfall") Joseph buys a holoband in order to conduct a search for Tamara online. ("Know Thy Enemy")


Joseph wants what's best for William. Although he works for the Ha'la'tha, he stays away from the darker aspects of the organization. He's reluctant to kill anyone, even in V-World, but he does have a breaking point, where he will murder several V-World avatars to get what he wants. Even during this incident, he gives the other players a chance to leave. ("Ghosts in the Machine")

Joseph is also fairly naive, which frustrates a number of other characters, namely his brother, Sam.

Cultural ReferencesEdit