Keon Gatwick
109 Keon Gatwick
Name Keon Gatwick
Actor Liam Sproule
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Origin Caprica
Profession Student
STO Soldier
Status Deceased

Keon Gatwick is a student at the Athena Academy in Caprica City. He works at the bicycle repair shop, "Bike Kitchen." Keon was Ben Stark's best friend. He is a monotheist and a member of Soldiers of the One, specifically Barnabas Greeley's cell. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Gravedancing")

After Amanda Graystone confesses that her daughter, Zoe, was responsible for the MAGLEV bombing, students at the Academy heckle Lacy Rand because she was Zoe's best friend. Keon heckles her too, accusing her of being STO. ("Rebirth") ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Later, Lacy ambushes Keon, tackling him. He denies being STO, but Lacy encourages him to finally admit it. According to Keon, Athena Academy's STO membership dissolved without Ben. In order to get Zoe (as the U-87 robot) to Gemenon, Lacy convinces Keon to introduce her to Barnabas so she can ask for his assistance with her mission. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

At home, Clarice Willow receives a phone call alerting her to an impending GDD raid at the Academy. She sends a message via e-sheet to tip-off Keon at the school. He clears bomb equipment out of his locker and leaves school before the raid commences. ("Gravedancing")

Lacy tracks Keon to his bike repair shop and helps him finish a repair. She insists he arrange a meeting with Barnabas. ("Gravedancing")

Eventually, Keon brings Lacy to a dock house in the Port District to meet Barnabas. Lacy presents her request to take some cargo to Gemenon, but Barnabas turns her down because Lacy will not say what the cargo is. After she leaves, Barnabas berates Keon for bringing her there. He accuses Keon of thinking with his tarse, saying maybe he feels guilty because he built the bomb that blew up the MAGLEV, killing her best friend. Keon balks, saying Lacy does not know he built the bomb. Furthermore, Keon did not know Ben was going to use the bomb to destroy that train. ("Know Thy Enemy")

107 Lacy Keon

Lacy asks Keon to help her join the STO

Having failed in her first attempt to get Barnabas to help her, she asks Keon to help her join the STO so Barnabas will have a reason to help. Keon and Lacy grow close and develop a budding romance. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Clarice Willow is Barnabas' nemesis. He sends Keon, Pann, Hippolyta and Lacy to Trojan Spaceport to plant bombs. When Clarice returns home from her trip to Gemenon, they will be detonated, killing her. Lacy causes the operation to fail when she gets nervous and attracts the attention of a Security Guard. Pann shoots and kills the guard. Then he, Hippolyta and Lacy flee the spaceport, jump into the getaway car where Keon waits at the wheel and they speed away. ("Retribution")

The next day, Barnabas kills Keon in retribution for failing in his mission. ("Retribution")

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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