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Name Kollbri
Actor Elisabeth Rosen
Debut "Dirteaters"
Origin Tauron
Profession Heraclides Officer
Status Living

Lieutenant Kollbri is a Heraclides officer dispatched to investigate the death of a Herac soldier, which leads her to the home of the Adama family.  One of her men discovers the gun that Sam stole from the dead soldier the night before.

This discovery prompts Kollbri to suspect William and Isabelle Adama, Joseph's and Sam's parents. Kollbri and her men torture William, and torture and kill Isabelle.

From the boys' hiding place, Joseph shoots the Heracs, killing all but Kollbri, who is severely wounded. She lies on the floor, unable to move. She does not (or cannot) speak.

William has been beaten and his knee caps are broken. He asks his son to return him to the soil. Joseph kills his father with a bullet through the head. Kollbri is splattered with blood. She is astounded by Joseph's brave and painful action.


See also Tauron Civil War.

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