Lacy Rand
Name Lacy Rand
Actor Magda Apanowicz
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica
Profession Student
STO cadet
Reverend Mother
Status Alive
Family Mother (name unknown)

Lacy Rand (Lace) was Zoe Graystone's schoolmate from the Athena Academy and her best friend. She was born in 26YR. She is a member of Soldiers of the One and was with Zoe and Ben Stark as they entered the MAGLEV train, but backed out of their plan to go to Gemenon. ("Pilot")

She lives in Caprica City with her mother. Her mother does mechanical repairs for a living and Lacy has picked up some of those skills. She helps Keon Gatwick in his repair shop when she goes there to seek his help to get a meeting with Barnabas about transporting Zoe (as the U-87) to Gemenon. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

She has a continuing relationship with Zoe and assists her in interacting with humans.

Lacy is kidnapped by Clarice Willow when discovered with Barnabas. Olaf places her in a headlock while Clarice deals with Barnabas. Once finished setting up a bomb, Olaf drags Lacy into the elevator and releases her as the doors set. As they walk out to the car she asks Clarice if she is going to kill her. It seems that Clarice has a use for Lacy as she is the only one who lives from Barnabas's "cell". ("Retribution")

Olaf dumps Lacy in the attic of the Willow house and unties her. The humidity and heat in the attic takes its toll on Lacy, making her survive on the water provided. As she experiences dizziness and disorientation, she realizes that they have been drugging her through the provided water and she angrily throws the remaining water away. By refusing to take in food, she forces Clarice into a confrontation. When Clarice presses Lacy for the possible location of Zoe's artificial intelligence search program, Lacy recalls that Zoe's infinity pendant may act as a backup drive. ("Things We Lock Away")

118 Mother Lacy

Reverend Mother Lacy

By 47YR, Lacy has become the new Reverend Mother of the Monotheist Church. She tells Clarice Willow to kneel to her. ("Apotheosis")