104 Larry
Name Larry
Actor Julius Chapple
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Origin Unknown
Profession Unknown
Status Living
Family Sam Adama, husband
Joseph Adama, brother-in-law
Shannon Adama, sister-in-law
William Adama, nephew
Tamara Adama, niece
Evelyn, sister-in-law
Young Bill Adama, nephew
William Adama Sr., father-in-law
Isabelle Adama, mother-in-law
Ruth, extended family

Larry is Sam Adama's husband. His last name is unknown. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Family LifeEdit

He and Sam are devoted uncles to their nephew. Larry teaches his nephew, William Adama (Willie), about the four gods most important in his father's home - Order (Jupiter), Nature, Strength (Mars) and Love. Mars is the most important God in their home because of Sam's Tauron heritage. Larry tells Willie that the Mars idol at their home is three times the size of the others because he married a "tough guy." ("Reins of a Waterfall")


105 Sam Larry Talk to Joseph

Sam and Larry convince Joseph to have the rites

Larry joins Sam at Joseph's home in support when Sam goes to convince his brother to have the funeral rites for Shannon and Tamara. Sam says Willie needs the closure and reconnection with Tauron ways.

Later, family and friends gather at Joseph's apartment for the rites. Larry and Willie learn a Tauron clapping game/ritual from Sam and other family members. As the ceremony begins, Sam (bare chested to display his tattoos for the ritual) stands behind his brother and nephew. Larry sits behind his husband, praying. Joseph and William each hand a coin to Ferryman, Joseph for Shannon and William for Tamara. Joseph asks Ferryman to grant the deceased women passage. Ferryman asks if Joseph and William will let the women go and both say goodbye. Ferryman assures the Adamas that Shannon and Tamara will live forever in their hearts. They will live forever in peace. Ferryman applies a ritual tattoo to Joseph's chest. A woman sings a mournful song. ("There Is Another Sky")


Willie asks them why they do not have children, and why they do not adopt an orphan like his father and Sam were. Sam says it is because of the dangerous nature of his job as a Ha'la'tha enforcer. He says his job is "not too good for kids." Larry says it is not too good for grownups either, implying he has reservations about Sam's profession. Larry wants Sam to keep the unsavory aspects of the mob out of their home. For instance, Sam washes up at his brother's home after coming back from a job because Larry does not like him to come home bloody. ("Reins of a Waterfall") ("Gravedancing")

113 Larry Concerned

Larry is worried about Sam

Larry grows increasingly concerned about Sam as civil unrest on Tauron increases. Tauron government forces are using heavy armor to push back rebel insurgents - the kind of people like the Adamas, their forebears and compatriots. Because the rebels are down to throwing rocks, Sam is sending extra money back home and small arms he can shake off the street. The Guatrau does not know about his gun running and that puts Sam in mortal danger. Sam confides this to Joseph, complaining that Larry does not understand because he is not native-born like they are. Joseph gets angry with his brother and tells him no wonder Larry is angry with you. He is worried because Sam is playing with fire. Sam feels like he does not know Larry anymore, but Joseph tells Sam that this is a part of marriage. It will pass. He says Sam is lucky that he has someone who loves him. ("False Labor")

Despite these concerns, Larry's marriage with Sam is a happy one. They are a very healthy, monogamous and stable couple. (1)


The Guatrau puts out a hit on Sam and Joseph. After the attempt on Joseph's life, he tells Evelyn, Ruth and Willie they will have to go off-world and disappear. Joseph calls Sam, but gets no answer. He leaves a message about a rendezvous then tells Ruth to go wake up Larry and bring him to the spaceport. Joseph goes to Goldie's Off Track Betting and Sam meets him there. They get their fake identification and cubits. The Guatrau's hit men catch up with them there. Willie gets caught in the altercation and is accidentally killed. ("Here Be Dragons")

The next day, Larry mourns with the family at Joseph's apartment and comforts his husband. Two Ha'la'tha captains, Dave and Jax, are there. They pledge the protection of their crews. Fidelia Fazekas shows up under the right of mourning and surrenders her gun. She delivers a message from her father expressing his sympathy over the death of Willie and that no further action will be taken against them. The Adamas are safe. Sam will not be molified and puts a gun to her head, ready to kill her. Joseph stops him and he takes Fidelia to a private room to discuss.

Joseph tells Fidelia he wants a sit-down with the Guatrau. She agrees, but says they will need assurances. He says of course, but he wants something in return. Fidelia convinces her father to meet with Joseph in a virtual Goldie's.Meeting in the Virtual World will give the Guatrau the advantage of protection from any reprisals. There, Joseph tells the Guatrau that he has been putting business ahead of family and those are the wrong decisions. The Guatrau cautions him, but then he struggles for air. In the real world, Sam has put a plastic bag over his head and has him in a headlock. Joseph takes the kapi poison and shoves it down the Guatrau's throat, killing him. Sam and Joseph have avenged Willie's death and Fidelia becomes the new Guatrau. ("Apotheosis")


118 Adamas Celebrate Bill

The Adamas dedicate Young Bill to carrying on the family tradition.

By the end of 42YR, Joseph and Evelyn marry and have a son named Bill, who is born in 43YR. On the fifth anniversary of Willie's death, Larry and Sam gather with the family for a ceremony honoring Willie and dedicating Bill. Joseph begins the ceremony:

Oh, Jupiter, to you I pray on the anniversary of my son William's death. For he was not yet a man, he chose a man's death. William was a proud Tauron and a good boy.

Our father's name lives on in another way now. Bill, you were named after your brother. This is our tradition. You will do the rest. As we are from the soil, so shall we return.

Bill drops some soil into a candle flame. Then everyone cheers him and says, So say we all.

Larry's nephew will grow up to become Admiral William Adama, Commander of the Battlestar Galactica, who will lead humanity to their new home after the Cylons destroy their worlds (100YR). ("Apotheosis")

Behind the ScenesEdit


113 Sam Larry Sleeping

Sam and Larry

In the world of the Twelve Colonies, homosexuality is not an issue. The Caprica mythos is primarily based on Ancient Greek civilization in which homosexuality was accepted as normal. Therefore, Larry's sexuality is never questioned or stigmatized. It is a normal part of the fabric of society. See Sexuality.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Although not mentioned in the dialogue, Ceres (Demeter) and Venus (Aphrodite) are implied when Larry speaks of Nature and Love.


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