MAGLEV bombing

The MAGLEV bombing was a terrorist attack perpetrated on MAGLEV Train 23 in Caprica City on Maius 7, 42YR.

Over five hundred people were killed (including Zoe Graystone, the daughter of Cylon creator Daniel Graystone, and Joseph Adama's wife Shannon and daughter Tamara), and one hundred were injured when Soldiers of the One sympathizer Ben Stark detonated a bomb in the crowded train. It is not known if Stark acted alone, or under orders from someone higher up in the monotheistic cult.


Abasi Lowe states in the sports commentary at the Buccaneers vs. Stallions pyramid game, "Daniel Graystone, owner of the Bucs, and his wife, Dr. Amanda Graystone, waving from their box, acknowledging the crowd. Their daughter, of course, one of the tragic victims of the MAGLEV bombing that happened in the city exactly one month ago tomorrow." ("Rebirth")

The date on the memorial event invitation sent to Joseph Adama's household is Junius 7th. Therefore, the bombing occurred on Maius 7th. ("Rebirth")

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