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Meg Tilly
Name Meg Tilly
Portrays Holy Mother
Birthplace Long Beach, California, USA
Born on February 14, 1960

Meg Tilly portrays the Holy Mother, leader of the Monotheist Church on Gemenon.

She was born Margaret Elizabeth Chan in 1960 to a father of Chinese descent and a mother of Irish and Finnish ancestry.  

She received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Agnes of God (1985).  She retired from acting after Journey (1995) in order to focus on her family and her writings. She didn't act again until Eric Stoltz persuaded her to come out of retirement to play the role of the Holy Mother on Caprica: "Unvanquished" (2010).


Meg Tilly is listed as "Mother" in the episode credits. However, there is a different character in "False Labor" also credited as "Mother". Therefore, Tilly is listed as "Holy Mother" in Wiki Caprica to differentiate the characters.

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