Bear Conducting

Bear McCreary

The music for Caprica was composed by Bear McCreary, who was also the composer for the Battlestar Galactica re-imagined series (2004-2009).

Prerelease informationEdit

Bear commented on the soundtrack before the pilot went to DVD:

"The album is finished and is currently being mastered. It will hit stores in early June, but will be available early from the label’s website in late May. The sound of this score is much more intimate than Galactica, but I think fans will nevertheless be surprised at how lyrical, passionate and thematic it is. In fact, many of the musical shifts you heard in Daybreak were inspired by the harmonic language I devised for Caprica" [1].

There was also a YouTube video released with Bear playing the main theme to Caprica on piano [2].

Incidental MusicEdit

Bear McCreary composed this segment for two soloists and chamber ensemble.
Music: Bear McCreary
Lyrics: Laura Kalpakian
Vocalists: Alyssa Johnson (soprano) and Alessandro Juliani (tenor) (3)
("End of the Line")

Source MusicEdit

Was Love
Music and Lyrics: Jonathan Snipes
Performed by Captain Ahab (4)

Philo and Zoe dance to this song during the Cylon diagnostic. ("Gravedancing")

Original Battlestar Galactica Theme
A fragment of Stu Phillips' "Main Title" for the original Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979)

It is heard when Philo is skimming through the channels looking for dance music. ("Gravedancing")

I Am a Man
Music and Lyrics: Brendan McCreary
Performed by Young Beautiful in a Hurry (5)

This song is playing on Sam Adama's car wireless when he is taking Amanda Graystone "home." ("Gravedancing")

Tauron Ceremony Song
The lyrics were penned by Kath Lingenfelter (the writer of the episode), but she was uncredited. Patti Allan performs the song on screen. On the soundtrack CD remix, it is sung by Raya Yarbrough. Lyrics were added to the Adama theme (which is used in the soundtrack as a leitmotif to identify the Adamas and the Taurons) with slight alterations made to the melody to accommodate the words. (6)

The Tauron Rites Singer sings this lament at the funeral service for Shannon and Tamara Adama. ("There Is Another Sky")

All of This Has Happened
Music and Lyrics by Brendan McCreary
Performed by Young Beautiful in a Hurry (7)

This song is playing at the Dive when Amanda Graystone and Clarice Willow are there getting wasted, probably on purple. ("The Imperfections of Memory")

Voices of the Dead
Featuring Brendan McCreary, vocals
The lyrics are in Ancient Greek. (8)

The song is heard in Goldie's Off Track Betting when William Adama enters to bring burritos to Ha'la'tha members. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Caprica Abides
The Caprican national anthem was composed by Bear McCreary to lyrics by Jane Espenson. It features tenor Mark Donnelly on vocals. Steve Amerson performs the song on the CD soundtrack. (9)

It is sung at Caprica Buccaneers pyramid games before tip off. ("Rebirth") ("Apotheosis")

Daniel Piano

Daniel at the Piano

Caprica Main Title
Music: Bear McCreary (10)

Daniel Graystone plays the theme on the piano after the U-87 prototype escaped his lab and stole a company van, and after he learned he will probably lose the robot and the military contract. ("End of the Line")

Bloopers and Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • The Caprica soundtrack album notes list Juliani as a baritone. He is a tenor.


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