Nestor Willow
102 Nestor
Name Nestor Willow
Actor Scott Porter
Debut "Rebirth"
Origin Unknown
Profession College Student
Status Deceased
Family Clarice Willow, wife
Mar-Beth, wife
Helena, wife
Desiree Willow, wife
Tanner, husband
Olaf, husband
Rashawn, husband

Nestor is one of Clarice Willow's husbands in a group marriage. He adopted the last name of his wife, Desiree.

Nestor, Olaf Willow and Clarice Willow forcibly enter the Graystone residence in search of Clarice's Holoband. They are about to kill Amanda and Daniel Graystone when the damaged U-87 robot containing Zoe's chip comes to life and slays Nestor.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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