The Office of the Prime Minister is the highest executive office attainable on Caprica (Planet), assumed by an individual elected to the position. The Prime Minister is responsible for greater Caprica, ultimately the authority voice on the Caprican military and who it contracts with.[citation needed]

At a press conference following the MAGLEV bombing, the Mayor of Caprica City introduces Agent Jordan Duram of the Global Defense Department to speak about the Soldiers of the One and their probable involvement in the bombing. Duram speaks on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister. ("Pilot")

As Graystone Industries struggled to produce a cybernetic combat unit for the Caprican government, the Prime Minister urged Defense Minister Val Chambers to hire Tomas Vergis in Daniel Graystone's stead if Graystone did not start achieving results.[citation needed]

The Prime Minister of Caprica is currently unknown, represented to Graystone Industries by the newly appointed Defense Minister, Joan Leyte, in the wake of Chambers' murder. ("Pilot")

There is a Kill Zone in the V-Club where you can kill the Prime Minister or anyone else you choose. ("Pilot")

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