111 Pann
Name Pann
Actor Zak Santiago
Debut "End of the Line"
Origin Caprica
Profession STO Soldier
Status Deceased

Pann is a monotheist and an STO Soldier.  He is a former student of Clarice Willow and was the first student that she lured into the STO.  At some point in time he switched sides to join Barnabas Greeley's cell. Barnabas is Clarice's rival. ("End of the Line") ("Retribution")

Pann is part of a botched attempt to kill Clarice by planting a bomb at the Trojan Spaceport in Caprica City. When Clarice discovers this, she goes to his home to confront him. He begs forgiveness and promises to repent the error of his ways. She says she forgives him, but will God forgive him? She answers that question by throwing a television set into his bathtub, electrocuting him. ("Retribution")

Cultural ReferencesEdit


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