Name Panou
Portrays Olaf Willow
Birthplace Haiti

Panou portrays Olaf Willow, one of Clarice Willow's husbands who is a soldier in the monotheist terrorist organization, Soldiers of the One.

Panou is a Haitian actor and stuntman. His unique one-word birth-name translates to "God Among Us" in his native Creole.

He began his professional acting career with a role in the feature film, Papertrail (1998). He had a number of important roles in such films as Steal This Movie (2000), the independent feature Fizzy Bizness (2002) (written/directed/produced by Carl Goldstein) and The Invisible (2007). He also had memorable roles in many television shows including Fox Family Channel's My Best Friend Is an Alien (1999), The Sci-Fi Channel's Stargate SG-1 (1997), Progetto Atlantide (1984) and Showtime's Stanley Tookie Williams: A Question of Justice (2005), directed by Ernest R. Dickerson.

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