102 Philo
Name Philo
Actor Alex Arsenault
Debut "Reins of a Waterfall"
Origin Caprica
Profession Technician
Status Deceased

Philo was a robotics technician employed by Graystone Industries.


He viewed the Cylon "inhabited" by Zoe Graystone's avatar as a work of art and referred to it as "she." His co-worker, Drew, belittled him for his attitude.

Season OneEdit

When confronted by the Zoe persona within the U87 cylon prototype, Philo initially panicked, and was pinned to the wall by the U87 while Zoe frantically tried to explain who and what she was, and to enlist his help in escaping. This gave Philo time to collect his wits: he agreed to help Zoe, repeating his previous assertion that he didn't care what she really looked like, but when she released him he lunged for a nearby console and initiated an emergency lockdown. Startled, Zoe shoved him away from the keyboard, but in her alarm forgot the strength of the U87 and flung Philo head first into a support column, killing him instantly through blunt force trauma. Though his death was accidental, it could be argued that this makes him the first victim of the cylon wars. ("End of the Line")

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