Image Required
Name Phoebe
Actor Camille Atebe
Debut "False Labor"
Origin Unknown
Profession Teacher
Status Living
Family Clarice Willow
Desiree Willow
Olaf Willow

Phoebe is a spouse in the Willow group marriage. She tells the children to take out their math homework. This suggests that the Willow children are home schooled. She is with the family when Mar-Beth gives birth at home. ("False Labor")

Phoebe is a member of Soldiers of the One. Jordan Duram says the entire Willow family are terrorists. He tells Amanda Graystone that he fed false information to the GDD mole that Mar-Beth was his confidential informant (spy), not Amanda. The GDD mole tells Clarice Willow who then kills her wife in cold blood. Amanda is stunned by Jordan's revelation, saying an innocent woman was killed, a woman who just had a baby. Jordan counters that Mar-Beth was hardly innocent and that the baby will grow up to be a terrorist just like the rest of the Willow family. ("The Heavens Will Rise")


The dialogue never specifies to whom she is married.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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