Episode Season 01, Number 11
111 Joseph Daniel Sam
Title "Retribution"
Airdate October 12, 2010
Written by Patrick Massett & John Zinman
Directed by Jonas Pate
Previous "Unvanquished"
Next "Things We Lock Away"
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Retribution is the eleventh episode of the first season of Caprica and the eleventh produced hour of the series. It first aired on the SyFy Channel on October 12, 2010.

Daniel Graystone takes ruthless steps to win back his company, backed by the Ha'la'tha's muscle and with some tragic results.

111 Clarice Barnabas

Clarice gets her ultimate revenge on Barnabas

Clarice Willow returns to wage war on Barnabas and his STO cell comprised of her former students. Jordan Duram shocks Amanda Graystone with a revelation about [Clarice]. (1)

Summary Edit




Production NotesEdit

All of the scenes of this episode take place within a twenty-four hour period during a rain storm.


1. "Retribution." Caprica: Season 1.5, created by Ronald D. Moore and Remi Aubuchon, episode summary (edited), episode 111, Syfy, 2010, disc one.

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Eric Stoltz as Daniel Graystone Esai Morales as Joseph Adama Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone Alessandra Torresani as Zoe Graystone Magda Apanowicz as Lacy Rand Polly Walker as Clarice Willow Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama Brian Markinson as Jordan Duram
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