Sam Adama
Name Sam Adama
Actor Sasha Roiz
Other Actor Alexander Kambolis (Child)
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Tauron
Profession Ha'la'tha Enforcer
Ha'la'tha Captain
Status Living
Family Larry, husband
Joseph Adama, brother
William Adama Sr., father
Isabelle Adama, mother
William Adama, nephew
Tamara Adama, niece
Shannon Adama, sister-in-law
Evelyn, sister-in-law
Young Bill Adama, nephew

Background Edit

Sam Adama (Samuel) is an enforcer with the Tauron crime syndicate, Ha'la'tha. He is a family man - loyal and devoted to his husband, his brother Joseph and his family. The most important things to him are family, his Tauron heritage and the Ha'la'tha.

When he was a child, his parents were killed in the Tauron Civil War. Afterwards he and his brother, Joseph (Yoseef), immigrated to Caprica. ("Dirteaters") He is very proud of his Tauron heritage, often scorning his brother for being too Caprican.

Personal LifeEdit

113 Sam Larry Sleeping

Sam and Larry

He is gay and married to a man named Larry. His marriage is a happy one and very stable. ("Reins of a Waterfall")

He and Larry are devoted uncles to their nephew, William Adama (Willie). Willie asks them why they do not have children, and why they do not adopt an orphan like his father and Sam were. Sam says it is because of the dangerous nature of his job as Ha'la'tha enforcer ("Reins of a Waterfall")

103 Sam Willie Larry

Larry and Sam have dinner with William

Mars is the most important God in their home because of Sam's Tauron heritage. Larry tells Willie that the Mars idol at their home is three times the size of the others because he married a "tough guy". ("Reins of a Waterfall")

Sam tells Joseph that he, "will pray to Mars and all the gods for a swift and terrible vengeance to come to those who have torn your wife and daughter from this world." ("Pilot")

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Behind the ScenesEdit


  • In the world of the Twelve Colonies, homosexuality is not an issue. The Caprica mythos is primarily based on Ancient Greek civilization in which homosexuality was accepted as normal. Therefore, Sam Adama's sexuality is never questioned or stigmatized. It is a normal part of the fabric of society. See also Sexuality.

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  • The car Sam drives while posing as a driver has a bobble-head bull (Taurus) on the dashboard. ("Gravedancing")

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