Sam Adama
Name Sam Adama
Actor Sasha Roiz
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Tauron
Profession Ha'la'tha enforcer
Status Living
Family Larry, husband
Joseph Adama, brother
William Adama, nephew

Background Edit

Sam Adama is the character portrayed by Sasha Roiz. He was brought to Caprica along with his brother, Yoseef (Joseph) Adama when he was a child. He is very proud of his Tauron heritage, often scorning his brother for being too Caprican. He is a known member of the Ha'la'tha, a Tauron organized crime syndicate. He is also gay, married to a man named Larry. In the world of the Twelve Colonies, this is unremarkable, as no prejudices related to sexual orientation exist.

Activities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The car Sam drives while posing as a driver has a bobble-head bull (Taurus) on the dashboard. ("There is Another Sky")

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