Shannon Adama
101 Shannon Adama
Name Shannon Adama
Actor Anna Galvin
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Tauron
Profession Wife and mother
Status Deceased
Family Joseph Adama, husband
Tamara Adama, daughter
William Adama, son
Ruth, mother
Sam Adama, brother-in-law
Larry, brother-in-law
William Adama Sr., father-in-law
Isabelle Adama, mother-in-law
Ruth's Sister, aunt

Shannon Adama was the wife of Joseph Adama. She and her daughter, Tamara Adama, were killed in the MAGLEV bombing.


Her maiden name is unknown. She took her husband's Caprican name of Adams when she married. Her mother Ruth, lives with Joseph and her son, William Adama. ("Pilot")

Funeral RitesEdit

After a month, Sam Adama finally convinces Joseph to have the funeral rites for his wife and daughter so they can pass over to the afterlife. The service is held at Joseph's home with family and friends in attendance. A Tauron priest, the Ferryman, officiates.

Sam, is bare chested to display his tattoos for the ritual. As Ruth looks on and Larry is in prayer, Sam stands behinds Joseph and William who each hand a coin to the Ferryman - Joseph for Shannon and William for Tamara. Joseph asks the Ferryman to grant the deceased women passage. The Ferryman asks if Joseph and William will let the women go and both say good-bye. The Ferryman assures the Adamas that Shannon and Tamara will live forever in their hearts. They will live forever in peace.

The Ferryman takes ink and flame from the plate Sam is holding and applies a ritual tattoo to Joseph's chest. A woman sings a mournful song. ("There is Another Sky")