Tauron Flag

Known as

The Old Colony

Ancient Name



2.5 billion

Patron God


Official Language




Major Cities

Hypatia, Tauron City, Minos


Minos, Olympia Hippodrome, Great Tauron Plains

Pyramid Teams

Olympia Stallions, Tauron Bulls

Two thousand years ago the Twelve Tribes left Kobol after a disaster - the nature of which is now unknown. They traveled two thousand light years to the Cyrannus Star System, a system with four stars. The Taurus Tribe colonized this world. People of Tauron ancestry are often referred to as Taurons.


Tauron City

Tauron City

One of the largest and wealthiest colonies, Tauron regained its independence from Virgon and Leonis eight-hundred and fifty years ago, and fought a bloody civil war three decades ago when Ha'la'tha resistance fighters attacked the governing Heraclitus regime. Tauron's chief industries are farming and livestock, and its oldest city, Minos, was once located on a cattle trail. Tauron is also a major center of industry and technology, as well as the home of the Ha'la'tha crime syndicate (formed by former resistance fighters), which has spread throughout the colonies. (1)


Tauron Minos Moon

Minos is Tauron's ringed moon

The Twelve Colonies are located in the Cyrannus Star System. Tauron is in the fourth orbit around the Helios Alpha star in that system. Tauron has one satellite, Minos, which is the only ringed moon in the system. (2)

The colonies Picon, Gemenon and Caprica also orbit this star. (3)

Industry and ExportsEdit

106 Vergis Corp HQ

Vergis Corporation

The Vergis Corporation's headquarters is located in Tauron City. Tomas Vergis is the CEO. It is a high-tech firm which recently developed the meta-cognitive processor or MCP. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")

Tauron cigars are a valued export. ("Know Thy Enemy")


Known for its rocky, reddish soil, one of Tauron's chief industries is farming. (4) Unusual for a planet with abundant plant life, there are no flowers on Tauron. ("Pilot")


"The Tauron Globe Times" is an online news site. Amanda Graystone reads an article, "High Tech Theft Leaves Workers Slain," which covers the theft of the MCP chip from the Vergis Corporation. ("End of the Line") ("Know Thy Enemy")



Native Taurons are a proud, passionate race - a loyal and storied culture in which family ties are secondary only to personal honor. ("Dirteaters")


Taurons wear black gloves when there is a death in the family. It is symbolic of keeping them separated from the world when they are in mourning. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")


Its people are dedicated to family in all forms and crimes against one's family usually sparks a blood debt. These blood debts usually are settled through a discussion between the victim and the accused and are settled through tribute. [citation needed]

In the case of thefts, the offending party has to make amends. ("Know Thy Enemy")


105 Sasha Roiz Tattoos

Sam Adama sports some elaborate Tauron tattoos

Tattooing is part of Tauron custom. A person's life story can be read from their tattoos. The Ha'la'tha crime syndicate makes extensive use of tattooing, which leads some on Caprica to associate the custom with gangsters. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")

There are many reasons for getting ink:


Tauron Saying: "You lose something in the desert. Someone else finds it - it belongs to them. Permanent." ("There is Another Sky")

Ha'la'tha Proverb: "When the tree surrenders all its fruit, it's time to trim from the top down." ("Dirteaters")


102 Adama Apartment Bldg

Little Tauron in Caprica City

Displaced by the Tauron Civil War, many Taurons immigrated to Caprica City. They moved into an older, inner-city neighborhood they call Little Tauron. ("Rebirth") ("Dirteaters")


A common slur against Taurons is dirteaters, perhaps due to their heritage as peasant farmers. ("Pilot") ("There is Another Sky")

After awarding Graystone Industries with a long-term military contract, Secretary of Defense for Caprica, Joan Leyte, says they never seriously considered the Vergis Corporation for the contract because Tomas Vergis is Tauron and deceit is in the Tauron DNA. ("Pilot")


The Ha'la'tha is a crime syndicate which originated on Tauron, then spread throughout the Twelve Colonies. Ha'la'tha is a Tauron word which means "always faithful to the soil." ("Dirteaters") ("False Labor")

Tauron Civil WarEdit

The Tauron uprising began in 12YR when poorly-armed native Rebel forces, known as the Ha'la'tha, attacked the presidential barracks, initiating a two-year Civil War. In the aftermath, the victorious Heraclides forces attempted a genocide by using murder squads, commonly referred to as Heracs. Facing extinction, the Ha'la'tha transformed to become an illegal underground organization throughout the Twelve Colonies. ("Dirteaters")

In the NewsEdit

113 Tauron Uprising

Second Tauron Uprising

In 42YR, CAP News reports on the recent Tauron Uprising:

Following the seizure of a massive shipment of Sagittaron arms bound for rebel forces on Tauron, Foreign Minister Kristoff used strong words today, saying that, "The successful Tauron army operation proves that we will soon be returning these insurgents to their homes."

Defense Minister Patel confirmed today that no Caprican troops will be sent to Tauron peace-keeping efforts, saying that, "We haven't been asked for our help yet." ("Dirteaters")

Known TauronsEdit

The Adama FamilyEdit

115 William Isabelle Kapi

William Adama Sr. and his wife, Isabelle


Atreus' GangEdit



106 Vergis Tattoos

Tomas Vergis

Behind the ScenesEdit

Production NotesEdit

  • According to Tom Lieber, Homeric Greek stands in for the Tauron native language. A professor from The University of British Columbia was the production team's consultant for the language. They told him what they wanted the character to say and he translated it to Homeric Greek. There is a difference between Homeric Greek and Ancient Greek. (5)
  • Taurons apparently have a reputation for being criminals, similar to the manner in which Italians are stereotyped as being members of the mafia. ("Pilot") ("Gravedancing")

Cultural ReferencesEdit


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