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Tauron is a planet in the Cyrannus Star System, and one of the Twelve Colonies. The Taurus Tribe of Kobol colonized this planet. People of Tauron ancestry are often referred to as Taurons.


The Vergis Corporation's headquarters is located in Tauron City. Tomas Vergis is the CEO. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")


There are no flowers on Tauron. ("Pilot")


"The Tauron Globe Times" is an online news site. Amanda Graystone reads an article, "High Tech Theft Leaves Workers Slain," which is about the theft of the MCP chip from the Vergis Corporation. ("End of the Line") ("Know Thy Enemy")


Native Taurons are a proud, passionate race - a loyal and storied culture in which family ties are secondary only to personal honor. ("Dirteaters")

Taurons wear black gloves when there is a death in the family. It is symbolic of keeping them separated from the world when they are in mourning. ("Pilot") ("Know Thy Enemy")

Its people are dedicated to family in all forms and crimes against one's family usually sparks a blood debt. These blood debts usually are settled through a discussion between the victim and the accused and are settled through tribute. [citation needed]

Tattooing is part of Tauron custom. A person's life story can be read from their tattoos. The Ha'la'tha crime syndicate makes extensive use of tattooing, which leads some on Caprica to associate the custom with gangsters. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")

Tauron Saying: "You lose something in the desert. Someone else finds it - it belongs to them. Permanent." ("There is Another Sky")

Ha'la'tha Proverb: "When the tree surrenders all its fruit, it's time to trim from the top down." ("Dirteaters")


In Caprica City many Taurons live in a neighborhood called Little Tauron. ("Rebirth") ("Gravedancing")

A common slur against Taurons is "dirt eaters", perhaps due to their heritage as peasant farmers. ("Pilot") ("There is Another Sky")

Tauron Civil WarEdit

The Tauron uprising began in 12YR when poorly-armed native Rebel forces, known as the Ha'la'tha, attacked the presidential barracks, initiating a two-year Civil War. In the aftermath, the victorious Heraclides forces attempted a genocide by using murder squads, commonly referred to as Heracs. Facing extinction, the Ha'la'tha transformed to become an illegal underground organization throughout the Twelve Colonies. ("Dirteaters")

Known TauronsEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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