The following timeline includes the events of the series Caprica and how they relate to its parent-series Battlestar Galactica:







  • Aprilus 9: Ben Stark is caught out after curfew and interviewed by police regarding wires and detonates in his possession. The tape of the interview is mislabeled "Ben Starke."


  • Ianuarius 23: Maglev No. 23 is bombed by Ben Stark, killing himself, Zoe Graystone, Tamara Adama, Shannon Adama, and dozens of others ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 6: Daniel Graystone meets Joseph Adama outside City Hall; Lacy Rand finds Zoe's avatar in the V-Club; Daniel finds Lacy in Zoe's room ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 8: Joseph represents a client in court before meeting his brother Sam Adama to accept payment from the Guatrau; Daniel and Cyrus Xander conduct a test of the U-87, which fails miserably ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 9: Daniel hacks into Zoe's e-sheet and finds Zoe's avatar in the V-Club, but is thrown out of v-world when he follows her ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 10: Joseph takes William to school; Amanda is visited at work by Global Defense Department agent Jordan Duram, who suggests that Zoe may have been involved in the bombing of Maglev No. 23 ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 11: Daniel persuades Lacy to take him to Zoe's avatar in the V-Club, the forcibly downloads the avatar onto his home computer; the Guatrau instructs Joseph to deliver a message to Caprican Defense Minister Val Chambers ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 12: Agent Duram questions Lacy Rand and Clarice Willow regarding Zoe's involvement in the STO; Daniel, Joseph, and Willie attend a C-Bucs pyramid game, after which Daniel mentions the possibility of Joseph seeing Tamara again ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 13: Daniel scans Joseph into v-world and explains how Zoe and Tamara might be resurrected as avatars; Joseph declares Daniel insane, but Daniel still asks Joseph to arrange for the theft of a meta-cognitive processor chip from Tomas Vergis ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 14: Daniel delivers breakfast in bed to Amanda; Joseph asks Sam to arrange the MCP theft; Joseph informs Chambers that the Guatrau does not condone his political actions, whicha re detrimental to the Ha'la'tha, but Chambers insults Joseph before dismissing him; Sam visits the Chambers residence at night and assassinates the Defense Minister ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 15: Lacy confesses her involvement with the STO to Clarice, and learns that Clarice also belongs to the STO; Daniel uses Zoe's program to create an avatar of Tamara ("Caprica"); the MCP is stolen from the Vergis Corporation, and two Vergis employees are murdered in the process ("Know Thy Enemy").
  • Februarius 16: Joseph delivers the MCP to Daniel; Joseph enters v-world to meet Tamara's avatar, but she panics when she cannot feel her heartbeat, and Joseph declares the entire project an abomination ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 17: Daniel downloads Zoe's avatar into the MCP and installs it into the U-87; the avatar briefly communicates with Daniel through the U-87 before the datastream breaks down, and Daniel discovers that Zoe's avatar is gone from v-world; Joseph tells Willie that he was named after his grandfather William, who died in the Tauron Civil War ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 19: Daniel stages an enormously successful demonstration of the U-87 for Caprican Defense Secretary Joan Leyte, and coins the term "Cylon"; Zoe's avatar latar contacts Lacy from within the U-87 ("Caprica").
  • Februarius 21: Cyrus and Daniel realize that the U-87 prototype and the MCP chip have bonded in a way that cannot be reproduced with any other robotic unit, and Daniel orders the U-87 prototype sent to his home lab for study; Amanda watches home movies of Zoe; Clarice invites Lacy to lunch at her home on Saturday; Zoe's avatar tells Lacy not to tell Clarice about her existence ("Rebirth").
  • Februarius 22: Daniel and Amanda attend the Buccaneers/Stallions pyramid game; Joseph accidentally drives to Tamara's school when he tries to pick up Willie; Philomon and Drew pack up the U-87 for delivery to the Graystone residence; Joseph returns home to find Willie, as well as an invitation to a memorial service for the Maglev No. 23 victims; Agent Duram visits Amanda to inquire about Ben Stark, and discovers that Amanda did not Zoe had a boyfriend; the U-87 tries to break free while in transit, and Philo calms it; during dinner, Joseph experiences a hallucination of Tamara at the table; Philo and Drew deliver the U-87 to the Graystone residence, and the robot breaks off one of Drew's fingers ("Rebirth").
  • Februarius 23 ("Saturday"): Amanda visits Lacy at her home and learns that Zoe intended to find a new family on Gemenon; Daniel and Philo discuss the uniqueness of the U-87 prototype; while Sam takes Willie to Little Tauron, he takes a call before heading to a business where he smashes a window, and Sam and Willie get arrested; Lacy visits Clarice's family for lunch, and Clarice prods Lacy for information about Zoe's computer work; Daniel and Amanda argue about going to the memorial, but Daniel agrees to go if Amanda wants to; Sam and Willie are released from custody, and Willie returns home where Joseph questions his absence from school; Clarice visits an opium den; Zoe contacts Lacy, and Lacy visits the Graystone residence to see the U-87 ("Rebirth").
  • Februarius 24: Daniel and Amanda attend the memorial ceremony; Amanda meets Ben's mother Natalie Stark, who gives Amanda a package of Zoe's possessions, including an Infinity pin; Joseph finds Daniel, and demands to see Tamara's avatar again; Amanda realizes that Zoe belonged to the STO, and announces to the crowd at the memorial ceremony that her daughter was responsible for the bombing of Maglev No. 23 ("Rebirth").
  • Februarius 25: Amanda resigns her position at Caprica General Hospital
  • Februarius 26: Lacy is targeted by fellow students at the Athenian Academy
  • Februarius 27: Daniel works out at the Red Gloves Gym and discusses talk-show host Baxter Sarno with Cyrus; outside the Gym, Daniel is accosted by Sam and Joseph, who demands to see Tamara again; Willie cuts school to spend time with Sam at Goldie's Off Track Betting
  • Februarius 28: Graystone Industries suffers as public opinion turns against holoband and v-world; Joseph is berated by a judge for not personally delivering a bribe on behalf of Plexico Amarcord; Clarice tries to convince Lacy to tell her about Zoe's work; Daniel and Amanda discuss her public announcement of Zoe's STO affiliation
  • Martius 1: GDD director Gara Singh berates Duram's partner for having interviewed and released Ben Stark a year before the bombing; Duram and his partner leak to the press the fact that "bureaucratic red tape" is preventing a search of the Graystone residence
  • Martius 2: Zoe wirelessly interfaces the U-87 with v-world and visits Lacy in v-world, telling Lacy not to trust Clarice; Zoe and Lacy find Tamara's avatar and help her escape into the virtual world;
  • Martius 3: Cyrus and Pryah Magnus try to convince Daniel to appear on Sarno's show to defend his company, v-world, and holobands; Tamara parts ways with Zoe and Lacy in v-world, and Zoe instructs Lacy to find Keon Gatwick to get the U-87 to Gemenon; Clarice discusses her search for Zoe's avatar with Alvo
  • Martius 4: Lacy convinces Keon to help her with Zoe's plan; Daniel takes Joseph back to v-world, but they are unable to find Tamara's avatar; Daniel sees news of the bad publicity against the Graystones, and calls Priyah to have her book him Backtalk the next night; Joseph asks Sam to murder Amanda Graystone in reprisal for Shannon's death ("Reins of a Waterfall").
  • Martius 5: an empty holocafe is bombed; Clarice receives a warning that the Athenian Academy will be raided, and alerts Keon, who clears bomb materials out of his locker; Agent Duram leads GDD agents on a fruitless raid of the Academy; Sam monitors Amanda from across the lake on the Graystone's property; Philo runs diagnostics on the U-87; Willie cuts school again and returns home, and his grandmother prompts him to decide what he wants to do with his life; Agent Duram leads a raid on the Graystone residence, and the GDD confiscates everything in Zoe's room; Lacy finds Keon at a mechanics shop and persuades him to contact STO operative Barnabas; Agent Duram gets authorization to confiscate Academy students' e-sheets and communications; Daniel appears on Backtalk, debating the morality of v-world with Sarno; Amanda storms the stage in defense of her daughter; Daniel concedes that v-world has adverse moral implications; Clarice learns that Daniel interacted with a virtual avatar of Zoe after her death; Ruth tells Joseph that Shannon and Tamara cannot rest in death until they are avenged, insisting that she could murder Amanda herself; Daniel vows that Graystone Industries will not longer profit from v-world or the holobands; Sam poses as a driver for the studio, and offers to drive Amanda home after the show; Sam detours through Little Tauron with Amanda, indicating that he lost his sister-in-law and niece in the Maglev bombing; Joseph tries to contact Sam in order to call off the murder, but cannot reach him; Sam returns to Joseph's house and, after recounting the details of a horrific murder, admits that he dropped Amanda Graystone off, safe but scared, at her house because he knew that Joseph would not go through the murder; Daniel and Amanda discuss Zoe, and decide not to watch their own interview on Backtalk ("Gravedancing").
  • Martius 7: Cyrus tells Daniel that Graystone Industries' Board of Directors are holding a meeting to decide whether to replace Daniel as CEO; Willie cuts school again to spend time with Sam at Goldie's Off Track Betting; Joseph gets a call from Willie's principal informing him that Willie hasn't attended school in a week; Joseph drives to Goldier's to bring Willie home ("There is Another Sky").
  • Martius 8: Daniel attends the Board's meeting with the U-87 prototype, claiming that holobands and v-world are no longer worth the investment, and that the artificially sentient Cylons are the future of Graystone Industries; the Board votes to keep Daniel as CEO
  • Martius 9: Joseph takes Willie fishing, but a nearby group of teenagers make racist comments until Willie attacks one of them, beating him viciously
  • Martius 11: Joseph and Willie perform the Tauron Death Rites so that Shannon and Tamara can rest in death; afterwards, Joseph gets a visit from Tad Thorean, who believes that Tamara has fallen asleep with her holoband on; Joseph informs Tad that Tamara is dead, and Tad flees ("There is Another Sky").
  • Martius 13: Daniel and Amanda attend a fundraiser, where Tomas Vergis corners Daniel, revealing that two of his friends and employees were killed during the MCP theft; Joseph buys a holoband from Emptor Electronics, but cannot get beyond the user menus of v-world; Daniel and Cyrus discuss their acquisition of the MCP, and agree that Daniel should meet with Vergis again; Daniel meets with Joseph first to discern who else might have known about the MCP theft ("Know Thy Enemy").
  • Martius 14: another empty holocafe is bombed; Clarice is given a swipe-drive, that can wirelessly steal data from any computer, by her husband; Clarice calls Amanda, claiming to have books of Zoe's that she would like to return, in order to visit the Graystone residence; Joseph is assured by Sam that nothing can connect them to the MCP theft; Daniel meets Vergis for lunch, and Vergis offers him 300-million qubits to purchase C-Bucs; Clarice visits Amanda to talk about Zoe, and Amanda shows Clarice the U-87, during which Clarice uses the swipe-drive to steal the data from Daniel's computer; Philo checks his v-match profile and finds no interested women; Keon meets with Barnabas to arrange Lacy's meeting ("Know Thy Enemy").
  • Martius 15: Clarice updates Alvo on her progress; Daniel and Cyrus discuss Vergis's offer; Zoe interfaces with the computer to send a message to Philo's v-match; Philo meets Zoe, under the alias of "Rachel," in v-world for a date; Vergis appears on Backtalk ("Know Thy Enemy").

Battlestar GalacticaEdit




  • The Cylons abandon the Colonies to find their own home world, ending the First Cylon War.


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