Tomas Vergis
112 Vergis Dagger
Name Tomas Vergis
Actor John Pyper-Ferguson
Debut "Know Thy Enemy"
Origin Tauron
Profession CEO of the Vergis Corporation
CEO of Graystone Industries
Status Deceased

Tomas Vergis is the CEO of the Vergis Corporation, a competitor to Graystone Industries.

Personal LifeEdit

He is from Tauron. His tattoos show the children important in his life - his own, those of his sister, and his gods-children. Two of those gods-children are orphans. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Vergis was educated on Caprica where he has a couple of homes. He believes you cannot get a truly excellent Tauron steak, but he would deny that in public. ("Know Thy Enemy")


He believes Daniel Graystone owes him a blood debt for the deaths of two men connected to the theft of the MCP chip. Their children are his gods-children and two of them are now orphaned. He promises to destroy everything Daniel loves and bring Graystone Industries to ruin. ("Know Thy Enemy")

Vergis visits the Graystone home. He relates to Amanda the gruesome tale of the death of his employees and the theft of the MCP. Amanda stands with her husband, but the news troubles her. ("Ghosts in the Machine")

The DealEdit

He makes a deal with Colonel Sasha Patel of Caprica's Defense Procurement Department to get control of Graystone Industries if he promises robots that work and a share of civilian applications. She tells him that he will get the company and the contract, guaranteed. ("End of the Line")

Soon afterwards he acquires Graystone Industries and the Caprica Buccaneers. The team hits a seven-game win streak after Vergis buys the team. ("Unvanquished")

He delivers the U-87 military contract on time and on budget. The robots do not score in the sentient range, but they shoot and fight. Vergis tells Cyrus Xander to melt down the original U-87 prototype (which, unbeknownst to them, housed Zoe's sentient avatar), but Cyrus is infected by Daniel's vision, and decides to store the mangled prototype instead. ("Unvanquished")


Sasha Roiz originally auditioned for the role of Tomas Vergis. In the end, they offered him the role of Sam Adama. (1)

Roger R. Cross portrayed Tomas Vergis in the Pilot, but his scenes and plotline were deleted before the episode aired. The role was recast and debuted in Know Thy Enemy with John Pyper-Ferguson in the part.


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