117 Tommy
Name Tommy
Actor Lloyd Adams
Debut "Here Be Dragons"
Origin Tauron
Profession Ha'la'tha Enforcer
Status Living

Tommy is one of the thugs the Guatrau sends to take out Joseph and Sam Adama

After Frankie's failed attempt to kill Joseph, Sam and Joseph go to Goldie's to get their fake identification and cash so they and their families can go off world and "disappear."

Tommy and two other goons show up and confront them. One of the hit men asks where Frankie is. Joseph says Frankie is gone. Sam asks Tommy to spare his brother because he has a kid. Tommy says he wishes he could.

Willie runs through the room and distracts Tommy and his men. The two goons are shot dead. Sam and Tommy fight. Sam pummels Tommy and beats him senseless. Joseph shouts for Sam to stop and come help him with Willie who is wounded.