The U-87 is a prototype model of a Cylon created for the military by Graystone Industries.


58 years before the fall of the 12 Colonies Graystone Industries was a race for a military contract for 100,000 robot soldiers. Graystone Industries was thought to be the only viable company to create such weapons. However, after running fives years over schedule and half a billion cubits over budget, the Ministry of Defence was considering moving the contract offworld to the Vergis Corporation instead which was believed to have a fully effective MCP(a technology Graystone Industries had failed to create for a decade).

Graystone Industries had created a fully effective body for the U-87, but despite this the company had been unable to create a viable MCP. This lead to the U-87 contract becoming over 5 years overdue with still no working MCP. Many adjustments were made to the U-87 to improve intelligence, however all test results showed that the U-87 model's were unable to target and destroy any single target without unacceptable bad accuracy. U-87s were seen to with faced with a combat senario to spay fire instead of efficently targeting hostiles.

After Zoe Graystone was killed Daniel Graystone discovered that before her Death Zoe had created an intelligent copy of herself. This was called an avatar, and was existing inside V-world. The Zoe was a copy of Zoe both in mind and in appearance. Desperate to regain his daughter Daniel Graystone made a deal with Joseph Adama to have his Tauran mob connections to go to Tauron and steal the Vergis Corporation's MCP.

When Joseph Adama gets Daniel Graystone the stolen MCP Daniel moves the Zoe avatar into it then installs the MCP into a U-87 body. Initally Zoe appears to be concious and speaks to Daniel, however suddenly the U-87's AI crashes causing Zoe to appear to have been destroyed. Devastated Daniel believes that the Zoe avatar programe is dead and soon procceeds to use this U-87 with the stolen Vergis Corporation's MCP to win the Military contract (which was displayed effectively destroying several targets). Unknown to anyone when the tested U-87 was locked away i suddenly became active with the Zoe avatar inside regaining concious.

The Zoe avatar inside U-87 decided to keep the knowledge that she was alive inside the cylon as a secret due to her distrust of her father, and obeyed all orders that were given to U-87.

105 Rip Your Arm Off

U-87 pulls it's arm off as comanded

Within Graystone Industries there was confusion as despite the MCP working perfectly on one body when placed in any of the other U-87 bodies it failed to create the same intelligence. This caused the company to believe the MCP had merged itself with the first U-87 body it was connected to. Daniel Graystone then took this body to his personal lab to study and figure out how to replicate for all other bodies.

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