The U-87 is a prototype model of a Cylon, which Graystone Industries manufactures for the military.


Fifty-eight years before the fall of the Twelve Colonies, Graystone Industries is in a race for a military contract for one-hundred thousand robot soldiers. Until the present, Graystone was considered the only viable company to create such weapons. However, after running five years over schedule and one half billion cubits over budget, the Ministry of Defense considers moving the contract off-world to the Vergis Corporation, which is believed to have a fully effective MCP - a technology Graystone Industries has failed to create for a decade.

The company had already created a fully effective body for the U-87, but despite this the company had been unable to create a viable MCP. Many adjustments were made to the U-87 to improve intelligence. However, all test results showed that the U-87 models were unable to target and destroy any single target without unacceptable bad accuracy. In combat senarios, U-87s spay fire instead of efficently targeting hostiles.


After Zoe Graystone was killed, Daniel Graystone discovers that she had created a sentient avatar of herself, which exists inside the V-World. Desperate to regain his daughter, Daniel makes a deal with Joseph Adama to have his Ha'la'tha mob connections go to Tauron to steal the Vergis Corporation's MCP.

When Joseph gives Daniel the stolen MCP, Daniel puts Zoe's avatar into it, then installs it into a U-87 body. Initally it appears to be conscious and speaks to her father, but suddenly the U-87's Artificial Intelligence crashes and the avatar program is destroyed. Daniel is devasted. He then proceeds to use this U-87 (after effectively destroying several targets) and MCP to win the military contract. The U-87 is locked away. Unknown to anyone, it suddenly reactivates with Zoe's avatar program intact and operating. ("Pilot")

Robot Zoe decides to keep her existence a secret from everyone, especially her father, whom she does not trust. She obeys all orders to not betray her existence.

105 Rip Your Arm Off

U-87 pulls it's arm off as comanded

Within Graystone Industries there was confusion as despite the MCP working perfectly on one body when placed in any of the other U-87 bodies it failed to create the same intelligence. This caused the company to believe the MCP had merged itself with the first U-87 body it was connected to. Daniel Graystone then took this body to his personal lab to study and figure out how to replicate for all other bodies.

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