Located in V-World
Debut "Pilot"
Significance The place where the living Zoe kept her avatar
Characters Zoe Graystone
Lacy Rand
Ben Stark
Daniel Graystone
Tamara Adama

The V-Club (or Virtual Club) is a place that people can access through the use of a technology unique to the show, known as Holobands. While Zoe Graystone, Ben Stark, and Lacy Rand use the V-Club to indulge in pleasures otherwise restricted from them by their parents, it may also somehow be connected to the extremist group, Soldiers of the One. ("Pilot")

Initial premiseEdit

The V-Club is used by Zoe, Ben, and Lacy as an escape from reality where they can feel free from the control of their parents, and to indulge in pleasures that they would be restricted from in the real world.


Zoe and Ben in the V-Club

At one point in the pilot, Daniel Graystone enters into the V-Club.

Daniel in the V-Club

Daniel enters the V-Club

Accessing the V-ClubEdit

The V-Club is accessed by using the Holoband technology. As such, it is a virtual reality, and not a real place.


The V-Club is a virtual reality. Zoe enters the V-Club using the Holobands

In order to access the V-Club, you require a passcode.


Zoe enters the V-Club with a passcode

Possible connection to the STOEdit

The STO symbol is shown at various points in accessing and existing within the V-Club.

STO symbol door sensor

STO symbol in the V-Club

External LinksEdit

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