106 Vesta
Name Vesta
Actor Camille Mitchell
Debut "There is Another Sky"
Origin Unknown
Profession Gamer
Status Living
Vesta runs a Russian Roulette-type game in the V-World in which players and hangers-on bet on whether weapons selected by a spin of a wheel would or would not have a round in the chamber. Tamara Adama came to Vesta asking for help to leave V-World. Vesta shot her, expecting Tamara to de-rez and be ejected, but was amazed when that did not happen. Vesta arranged for Tamara to pull off a heist to pay her way home. Vesta later learned that the real Tamara was dead, therefore her avatar was stuck in V-World. Vesta planned to use Tamara for more gaming and thefts, but Tamara shot her avatar dead, ejecting Vesta from the game.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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