William Adama (Willie)
Name William Adama (Willie)
Actor Sina Najafi
Debut "Pilot"
Origin Caprica born, Tauron heritage
Profession Student
Status Deceased
Family Joseph Adama, father
Shannon Adama, mother
Tamara Adama, sister
Sam Adama, uncle
Larry, uncle
Ruth, maternal grandmother
Young Bill Adama, half-brother
William Adama Sr., paternal grandfather
Isabelle Adama, paternal grandmother

William Adama (Willie) is portrayed by Sina Najafi.

Willie is a student at Wilson Elementary.

Throughout the series, viewers are allowed to infer that William Adama is the William Adama who will one day command the Battlestar Galactica. However, William is shot and killed in "Here Be Dragons". In the season finale, Joseph Adama and Evelyn are revealed to have had a child whom they have named Bill after his deceased brother. ("Apotheosis")


The Adama family gathers on the fifth anniversary of Willie's death (47YR). Joseph begins the ceremony:

Oh, Jupiter, to you I pray on the anniversary of my son William's death. For he was not yet a man, he chose a man's death. William was a proud Tauron and a good boy.

Our father's name lives on in another way now. Bill, you were named after your brother. This is our tradition. You will do the rest. As we are from the soil, so shall we return.

Bill drops some soil into a candle flame. Then everyone cheers him and says, So say we all. ("Apotheosis")


When Caprica was initially planned, the series was set 50 years before the Fall of the Colonies. The timeline was subsequently readjusted from 50 to 58 years before the Fall. However, it was later realized this would have made Willie too old to be Admiral Adama in Battlestar Galactica. He would have been in his 70s instead of his 60s. So they killed Willie and Bill Adama was born so he would be the appropriate age to play the Admiral.

Per Kevin Murphy on the commentary for "Apotheosis" (Disc 3 of Season 1.5).

Cultural ReferencesEdit

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