William Adama Sr.
115 William Adama Sr
Name William Adama Sr.
Actor Aleks Paunovic
Debut "Dirteaters"
Origin Tauron
Profession Farmer
Ha'la'tha Resistance Fighter
Status Deceased
Family Isabelle Adama, wife
Joseph Adama, son
Sam Adama, son
Shannon Adama, daughter-in-law
Larry, son-in-law
Tamara Adama, granddaughter
Willie Adama, grandson
Evelyn, daughter-in-law
Young Bill Adama, grandson

William Adama Sr. is Joseph's and Sam's father. He is married to Isabelle. They are farmers on Tauron.


He and his wife are secret members of the Ha'la'tha resistance. The Ha'la'tha are rebelling against the corrupt, fascist government which keeps them subjugated.

Their Boys Become MenEdit

Investigation and TragedyEdit

Unbeknownst to William, Sam stole a gun off of a dead Herac soldier the night before. That morning, a Heraclides officer and two soldiers are dispatched to investigate the death of the soldier, which leads them to the home of the Adama family. One of the soldiers discovers the gun that Sam stole from the dead soldier.

This discovery prompts Lieutenant Kolibri to suspect William and Isabelle. Kolibri has her men torture and kill Isabelle. Then they torture William.

113 William Sr Isabelle Adama

William and Isabelle Adama

From the boys' hiding place, Joseph shoots the Heracs, killing all but Kolibri, who is severely wounded. She lies on the floor, unable to move. She does not (or cannot) speak.

William has been beaten and his knee caps are broken. He cannot run to escape, so he asks his son to return him to the soil. Joseph kills his father with a bullet through the head.

His children are orphaned. In their secret hiding place, they pledge their loyalty to each other above all else. Joseph and Sam immigrate to Caprica and move into a refugee orphanage in Caprica City. ("Dirteaters")


His grandson, William Adama (Willie), is named for him. After Willie dies, his grandson by Joseph's second wife, Bill, is named for Willie in accordance with Tauron tradition. Now William Sr.'s name lives on in another way. ("Pilot") ("Apotheosis")


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